James Lanman


The 100 Days Tour will entail 100 unique performances across the United States throughout 2017. The shows are free to host with a ‘pay what you want’ model where guests can throw in donations after the performance. The host will have the opportunity to invite their friends and fellow music lovers to their homes to attend a 45-minute private performance by James Lanman complete with a sound setup! Interested in hosting? Send an email to


Feel free to download “The 100 Days Tour Manual For Hosts” on how it all works! THE 100 DAYS MANUAL FOR HOSTS


ABOUT James Lanman

James Lanman is a neo-soul singer originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. After years of performing with various musical projects from London to Los Angeles, Lanman decided to go nomadic, embarking on an ambitious solo tour while living out of a converted van. The 100 Days Tour will entail Lanman playing one hundred acoustic concerts across the United States and Canada throughout 2017 in the living rooms, backyards and rooftops of his biggest fans. At the end of the year, Lanman plans to make a documentary of his experience doing pop up performances while living out of a van on the road for a year.

Lanman’s vocal style has been compared to that of Sam Cooke, Frank Sinatra and James Taylor. With a decidedly retro-inspired sound, his original songwriting echoes the sentimentality of the Motown era but manages to stay untethered to a specific place and time. With a considerable vocal range, Lanman traverses the sonic landscape between The Great American Songbook, 90’s RnB and the music of the Motown era.

In his ten-year career Lanman has toured internationally, playing festivals from CMJ to SXSW. He has performed with The Seattle Rock Orchestra in the famed Moore Theater and starred in an internationally televised Scandinavian insurance commercial performing a cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Don’t You Worry Bout a Thing.” Lanman also produced his debut EP in the same Brooklyn studio frequented by the likes of Skrillex, Jhené Aiko, Joey Bada$$ and Kid Cudi, whose career-defining single, “Day ‘n’ Nite” was recorded there in 2009.

In 2013, on a trip to New York City, Lanman met with a record executive to pitch a four track demo of original songs that would form the basis for his vision for a retro pop sound with a modern edge. After a short listen, the record executive told Lanman that, while his songwriting and vocals were making the grade, there was no market for the sound that he was trying to do. Despite the discouragement from someone high up in the industry Lanman decided to move to NYC to go all in on his vision.

Keeping up with the cost of living in NYC while pursuing music proved difficult. Moonlighting as a graphic design and web developer, Lanman sought out projects as a freelancer to put food on the table and pay his rent. As lucrative as it was, the influx of work and the stability that came with it came at a cost. Lanman explains, “The more I worked side jobs to support a music career, the less I actually played. Eventually, I stopped picking up my guitar and singing altogether because I was so busy with other projects. Everything reached a fever pitch when I was offered two full-time positions simultaneously at different companies I was freelancing for. I hadn’t realized how far off track I had gotten at that point and knew I needed to completely re-asses my direction and shake things up.” At that moment Lanman took a step back and made a big decision. He chose to quit his day job.

Thus, the idea for The 100 Days Tour was born. It would be as much journey of personal growth as a complete paradigm shift in how Lanman was approaching his music career in a rapidly changing industry. In November of 2016 Lanman sold off as much as he could of his personal possessions minus his musical instruments and moved from New York to California to purchase a van. He spent the next three months converting the van into a home studio on wheels and put the word out that he would come into the living rooms of anyone who wanted a show across the country and play an acoustic set for them and their friends free of charge complete with a sound set up. The host of the show would encourage their friends to throw donations into the guitar case to keep the tour alive and Lanman would play for a new room of people every night who had never heard him before.

Word spread. The idea resonated with his existing fans and piqued the curiosity of others. With 60 shows booked and counting, Lanman’s tour has looped California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah twice since January, covering the Pacific Northwest, Midwest, East Coast and South throughout the rest of the year. Lanman released a live recording from his first show of the tour, “Live at The Blue Boar Inn” which includes 17 tracks of originals and covers of songs by artists ranging from Ray Charles to The Ronettes. Lanman says, “It is the least polished thing I’ve ever released, but it’s real and it’s how I will sound in your living room. This year is all about action for me. After years of trying to get things perfect I’ve come to realize that action trumps perfection every time. I try to live by that rule now. I’m generating experiences.”

With The 100 Days Tour, Lanman hopes to reconnect with his remaining fans and new listeners in up close and personal environments, eliminating the barriers created by traditional venues like high overhead, inconsistent sound and distance. With his music, stories from the road and interviews with people he meets along the way discussing themes of success, happiness and the human condition, Lanman plans to make a documentary of the year long journey.