Merry Christmas Darling – James Lanman

Hey there very important person!

This is an ultra special top secret page made specifically for Patrons and the musicians who performed on this album! Please do not share it or the password without getting my permission first. A TON of hours went into this album and your discretion is so very appreciated.

Using the special code I sent you either through Patreon or through Email, you should be able to see this page and download my new Christmas Album: “Merry Christmas Darling” before anyone else in the entire world! Artwork included. The physical CD will be available to order Friday and with any luck the songs should also go live on all streaming sites by Friday. I will update when that happens.

I can’t wait to hear what you think and thanks again to everyone who performed, helped arrange, who joined Patreon, who pitched in towards the costs of putting this together and for all of the encouragement. Download below. So much love.



If you have trouble I’ve included a simple five step set of directions with images to help you get the album.

Step 1: Hit “Download”.

“The harrowing journey of overcoming a thousand tech obstacles starts with a single click.” – Confucius

Step 2: Enter the password I sent you over email or through Patreon in the field labeled, “Enter Password”. Feel free to message me to ask for it if you didn’t get it!

Step 3: After you’ve entered the password, hit “SUBMIT” and it will take you to my personal google drive folder with the download. If it says “Google Drive can’t scan this file for viruses” just ignore it and click “Download Anyway”. I promise you the only virus I’ll be sending you are some catchy Holiday jingles that will (hopefully) infect your daily life from now until… at least New Year’s Eve, 🙂

Step 4: Play a quick game of “Where’s Waldo?” with Google’s download button. (Hint: top right) and smash that button. Your download will begin. Holiday cheer, imminent!

Step 5: Your file will most likely be in your “Downloads” folder. Now all you have to do is open it. Double click it and the compressed package will fly open in an explosion of sparkles and digital magic. When everything settles you should have a folder called, “Merry Christmas Darling – James Lanman” and in it, the 15 mp3s including the front and back cover.

Pro tip: If all else fails, grab the nearest relative/friend born after 1995 (as they seem to be most adept at these things) and threaten withholding turkey until they help you sort this. Studies show that while people born after 1995 are great with technology, they only know how to get food ordered through companies like Doordash/Grubhub or if it is provided. Use this as a weapon to get the Holiday Cheer you deserve by any means necessary.