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Press Quotes

“MOSAICS” is a beautifully-intimate collection of songs. It doesn’t feel like we’re listening, but instead, that we’re listening in – seated a few feet away from him while he performs the songs.

-Jason Burns of Trunk Space

Most of the songs on the album employ the slow burn, tempting the listener to stay with them, hooking themselves in to the hummable region of the subconscious.

-SarahJayne Kemp of The Bay Bridged

Lanman is able to capitalize on the romantic that exists in each of our hearts with vulnerability and open-ended honesty. He approaches each song with candor, pouring his heart out with every verse. It can be hard for an acoustic artist to stand out among a sea of similarities, but Lanman makes a good effort of it, letting the words take the center-stage over the guitar.

-Jacob Rivard of True Blue Note



James Lanman is a singer-songwriter from the San Francisco Bay Area. After years of performing with various musical projects from London to Los Angeles, Lanman has found his signature sound with the release of his latest original album, MOSAICS. The 13 original songs, are being released every Friday at Midnight. Download / Stream the latest track HERE

Lanman explains his musical influences, “The music of my formative years was fairly eclectic, I played The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Jeff Buckley’s album, Grace, and the Good Morning Vietnam Soundtrack on repeat. With MOSAICS I wanted to use the elements of r&b, jazz and motown that drew me towards those artists but color it through my own lens and experience.” The latter of which, Lanman has had no shortage of.

In 2016, Lanman was living in New York City and growing frustrated with the high cost of living and a litany of side jobs distracting from his music. That October, he sold everything he owned but his instruments, purchasing a van and building it out for life on the road with the intention of spending at least one hundred days of the next year performing.

What started out as a handful of intimate concerts in the living rooms of longtime fans and friends blossomed into a 10 month long odyssey across the US and Canada performing in the living rooms of total strangers and fans he previously had only interacted with online. ‘The 100 Days Tour‘ entailed 120 performances that also included well established venues, up and coming festivals and an appearance at TedX Fargo where he had the chance to tell his story and debut a song in the 19,000 person capacity Fargodome.

After two years of touring and time spent in Nashville writing last year, Lanman is releasing his latest work, MOSAICS, on a rolling basis. Set against the backdrop of sparse production and a minimalistic sound reminiscent of his intimate live shows, the album places the emphasis on Lanman’s songwriting and honey toned vocals.

At times the album feels like something out of another era with strong vintage influences and at other times, a fresh contemporary take on pop, effortlessly incorporating blues, folk and jazz. A sound that has drawn comparisons to artists such as Leon Bridges and Jeff Buckley.

On naming the album MOSAICS Lanman says, “I wanted to capture the idea of this album being the result of a million moments in my life and my journey as a musician up to this point. Some of these songs were written years ago and some were written this year. In many ways, this album is an epoch.”

Download / Stream the latest songs from the album HERE